Our customers send about 2 billion emails per year.

Some of them send once per day, others have sent three or five emails per day. If you have great content, and your subscribers love it, they will accept a greater amount of advertising. In the marketing business this is called “reciprocity.”¬† To you it means more money in your pocket.

In other circumstances, it is more appropriate to send only once per week, or even once per month.

It is our job to get you the most benefit from your email list.¬† We’ve handled more than 20,000 email campaigns, we know what works. We have psychologists on staff to analyze every facet of your program, find out how your subscribers think and then optimize revenue, visibility or whatever key performance indicator¬† makes your business the best it can be.

Whether you need a turnkey operation, content, execution and deliverability, or assistance with any particular part of the email cycle, we have some of the best expertise in the industry.

We have worked with multi-million dollar publishers, billion dollar product corporations, national level political campaigns, affiliate marketers, online product companies and non-profits.

If you have a subscriber list of 100,000 to 5,000,000 members or more, or a smaller list of high value customers, contact us here.

Fair warning: Email lists degrade at a rate of at least 5% per month from unsubscribes and abandonment. Even if you never send any emails, the degradation rate is about the same. To keep your email list health, you must replace 5% of the emails per month,and more if you wan the list to grow. If you do not have the means to grow the list through your own sales and acquisition processes, we can help you through our Acquisition Program.