We have a staff of writers who write original material covering a wide variety of topics and demographics, for our content marketing customers and for our internal lists. Topics include finance, health, politics, conspiracy theories, survivalism, parenting skills and much more.

Their combined reach exceeds 30 million per month, and open rates for emails containing this content are as high as 40%.

If you have an email list related to a product line or with a particular demographic, we can design a brand and provide a line of content that will engage your customer base, allowing you to reach them more often, and keeping your brand top of mind.

Our internal research indicates that if you simply send advertising to a subscriber based, your list will be largely depleted within 2-3 months. However with good content you can extend your relationship to 10-11 months, send as many as 800 emails in that time, and maximize your brand identity and your sales.

People will accept a great amount of advertising if they love the content. That’s why content marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing segments.

If you have a customer retention problem and need content to keep them interested, contact us here.