Channel Strategies

Most marketing agencies talk about channel strategies as if they were independent of each other, you have your "Facebook strategy" and your "Twitter strategy" as separate from you "email strategy" and "SEM strategy."  This is the wrong approach.

When channels are used in harmony, with the right content quality, quantity and timing, these channels can interact to become much more powerful. Broadcast channels are good at acquiring potential new customer response, email channels are good for driving traffic to products, social networks, and social networks are good for amplifying a message and getting customer feedback.  The interaction and communication flow between channels can provide great synergy.

Additionally, the channel strategy must take into account marketing goals and objections.   A channel strategy that doesn't strive to achieve goals in ways appropriate to those channels is simply a waste of money.   Content is king, but the right content is key.


Last Updated (Tuesday, 20 November 2012 06:14)

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