Marketing Strategy and Revenue Generation

Impact Analytics specializes in communications channel architecture, getting the right message to the right person at the right time.  We’ll design the flow of your marketing content and map out the conversation and interaction that must happen with each destination, avoiding common pitfalls.

Content Strategies - Did you know that if you use the same content for Re-marketing as you do you SEM you could suddenly become the most annoying person on Earth to your most important audience?   Quality, quantity, rhythm and timing.  We will produce the right content strategy for each channel.

Product Strategies - Timing, sales trends, coordination with offline marketing, complementing publisher content, we can help you position your products so your audience is most likely to buy.

Channel Strategies - Communications channels are complex, some you control, others are free wheeling, each has a rhythm, each has expections from its user base.  The right strategy will amplify your message and perhaps even push it viral.  the wrong strategy will provide a money pit for your marketing dollars.   In fact, if you time your branding and retails messages badly, your competition will swoop in to take advantage of the awareness you've created. (And with good intel, you can do the same to them!!).

Sponsor Strategies - Sharing a demographic with your sponsor is important, but developing a compatible message can improve results dramatically.

Revenue Generation - At Impact Analytics, we have the experience of creating multi-million dollar revenue streams for publishers in online media.  We are doing this now for Publishers and seeking new ones.  If you are a political campaign or non-profit, we can partner you with a publisher and enhance your revenue streams in a very short time.

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