Google Re-Marketing and Political Campaigns

Google Re-Marketing has opened the door to some innovative techniques for multi-stage marketing previously only available in one-to-one media (e.g. email) or in conversion series landing page sets with high abandonment rates.  Traditionally web pages have been anonymous, if someone leaves your site without providing contact information, you have no way of reaching them again.  Re-marketing changes that.

How does this apply to a Political Campaign?  Political Campaigns need people on a variety of levels, they need donors, they need people to attend rallies, they need volunteers.   As a candidate travels the timing becomes critical, email has traditionally been the most effective in mobilizing in the short term.  However, if a candidate can partner with a content provider and organize their re-marketing inventory, visitors to that web site can be channeled through multiple stages, anyone who clicks on a donor page can be re-targeted to be  a volunteers or to attend a rally.  Visitors who respond to an issue-based display ad can be re-targeted to become an activist on behalf of the candidate.

This is very much the same as a landing page conversion series.  The difference is that the volume is massive! We have partnerships with a web site with over 3 million unique visitors.  We can reach all of them at will, pre-filtered and then again based on their response.  The classic display campaign works on a fraction of a percent of the initial users, this approach reaches two orders of magnitude more with your multi-stage message.

Its not as easy as it looks, but the added power is worth the investment.  Contact us for more details and strategy.


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