Rule #1 – Email is about making money.

Rule #2 – See Rule #1

Making money may mean different things. It could mean customer retention, it could mean keeping a brand top of mind, or it could just mean how many direct advertising dollars can you get from each email that you send.

We are familiar with all advertising styles, have tried most of the major advertising networks, can optimize the combination of email and web site advertising, and can calculate to the penny the return on investment for your email and web assets.

We can also leverage our relationships with some of the best sales companies in the country to provide dedicated advertising for your list.

A wise man once said, if you are not measuring it, it is likely failing. We measure everything. And if it can’t be measured in a traditional manner we have a degreed engineer and programming assets to find a way to measure it.

If we are managing your email assets, we will push your list to the limits, balance attrition vs profit and test every possible revenue generating method. If there is a “pony” there, we will find it.